Professional Responsibilities

Foundations in Math Professional Development Workshop

I developed my own two-day professional development workshop for teachers called “Foundations in Math: Developing Mathematical Thinking and Conceptual Understanding in Grades K-5.” This workshop was sponsored by the East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) and hosted by Ruamrudee International School four years in a row. It attracted participants from international schools all over Asia. I also facilitated this workshop as a private consultant at Tokyo International School.

During this 16-hour workshop, participants examine current research in math education to determine the key elements of a highly effective math classroom and explore strategies for implementing these elements into their own classrooms. This flyer from my most recent workshop gives more details about the content and goals of the workshop.

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As part of the workshop, I created several videos for teachers to discuss the impact that the structure of a lesson can have on student learning. The first video demonstrates a simple workshop model.

The second video shows the same learning target taught through a different workshop model, Expeditionary Learning’s Workshop 2.0. After watching both videos, participants were asked to compare how each lesson developed conceptual understanding, promoted mathematical discussions, addressed misconceptions, and encouraged multiple strategies and representations.

Near the end of the two days of professional learning, I explain the importance of mathematical discussions to the development of conceptual understanding in students. I share this third video to demonstrate a new lesson structure that I have adapted from Catherine Fosnot’s Contexts for Learning series. This workshop model essentially “flips” the original workshop model. Students begin by engaging in a challenging problem and justifying and explaining their work to each other. The “mini-lesson” comes at the end of the lesson as a way to compare, contrast, and connect their ideas to the structure of mathematics.

Reviews of Foundations in Math Workshop

This article about my Foundations in Math Weekend Workshop appeared in Ruamrudee International School’s quarterly magazine.

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Here are the participant evaluations from the four years of teaching this workshop. The document begins with the most recent evaluations and ends with the oldest from 2014.

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This letter is from Christopher Frost, the principal at Tokyo International School that hired me to facilitate this workshop for his faculty.

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Expeditionary Learning National Conference Master Class

In the spring of 2013, one of my colleagues and I facilitated a two-hour workshop called “Common Core Math in the K-2 Classroom” at the Expeditionary Learning National Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Here is a selection of evaluations of our workshop.

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Math Differentiation

During the 2013-2014 school year at Ruamrudee International School, I worked with our math coach and a few other teachers to facilitate a year-long professional development project on differentiation in math. I developed this video to help new teachers understand how math menus can be used to differentiate their math classes.

Professional Development

  • Sherry Parrish week of consulting, lab sites, and seminars at International School Bangkok 2017
  • Igniting Creativity, Comprehension, and Collaboration through Inquiry course through Augustana University 2017
  • Math Works: Teaching Math with the Brain in Mind course through Augustana University 2017
  • Leading Intentional Talk with Young Mathematical Students course through Augustana University 2016
  • Facilitated a Professional Learning Community Book Study on Number Talks by Sherry Parrish 2015
  • Reading, Writing, and Thinking in the Active Literacy Classroom by Stephanie Harvey and Debbie Miller 2014
  • How to Learn Math: For Teachers and Parents through Stanford University online 2014
  • East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) Teachers’ Conference 2014
  • Creating Strong Writers with the 6+1 Trait Writing Framework 2014
  • Presenter at Expeditionary Learning National Conference 2013
  • Expeditionary Learning National Conference 2012
  • Teacher Leader in Math course through Boise State University 2011
  • Developing Mathematical Thinking course through Boise State University 2010
  • Annual Treasure Valley Montessori Conference 2004-2008
  • Annual International Association for Experiential Education (AEE) Conference 2001