Number Talk

In this number talk, first grade students share strategies for adding dots on double ten-frames.

Butterfly Digital Science Journal

While raising Painted Lady butterflies in our classroom, my students developed a digital science journal as a whole class to record their observations and new questions. Enjoy this video that captures their developing thinking and excitement!

Student Self-Assessment

In this video, you’ll see my first graders reflecting on their progress toward a challenging learning target.

Social Studies Inquiry Group Projects

During the third grade social studies unit, Our Fragile Earth, the students learned about natural resources, the ways in which humans depend on natural resources, and the ways in which humans impact the sustainability of these resources. They selected a specific topic to research in depth and created a book, poster, or video to teach others about the issue, why it matters, and share their personal action plan for making a difference.

Ocean Trash

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Land Pollution

Air Pollution

Mathematical Thinking

This video documents the mathematical thinking of my first grade students near the end of the year. Students were asked to solve two-digit addition and subtraction problems and record their strategies orally and in writing.

Nonfiction Writing

In this third grade nonfiction writing unit, students learned about feature articles in magazines and explored the ways in which authors use visual text features and words to teach their readers. The students used Google Docs and PicCollage to publish poster-sized articles.

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Plant Digital Science Journal

During our science unit on plants, my first graders worked in pairs to create a digital journal of their learning. They learned to photograph their plants, add labels, and record their observations and questions as they grew different kinds of plants.

Book Review

After learning about persuasive writing, each first grader published a book review and recorded it on Shadow Puppet EDU. Here is a sample of one student’s writing.

Who Helps Us At School? Social Studies Project

During our first grade Social Studies unit at the beginning of the school year, the students learned about cooperation, why rules are important, people that help them at school, and ways that they can be good helpers at school. In this culminating project, the students worked in pairs to interview someone that works at school and create a collage and oral report about the person. This project integrated speaking and listening skills, technology, and social studies standards. Click on a photo to hear the oral report.

Overall Teaching Evaluation

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Evaluation of a Second Grade Math Lesson 

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